Genesis launches AI intelligent quantitative products

New York, NY, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Genesis has launched AI intelligent quantitative products. GENESIS uses AI intelligent quantitative products to apply artificial intelligence technology in various fields, logic mathematics, linear analysis, statistical psychology and other professional sciences to the entire system to quantitatively analyze and predict prices and risks. Find the trading path with the highest probability of making a profit, as well as the profit and loss analysis after each transaction, and provide it to the AI intelligent system to adjust, and become a trading prophet with the ability of “genetic evolution”.

In the AI Day All-round Intelligent Investment Forum some time ago, the topic focused on AI investment applications, including high-frequency trading combined with AI technology, AI to improve the winning rate of stock trading, and quantitative program trading practice sharing, young investors from the digital currency circle to US stock trading , to inject momentum into quantitative trading to promote the creation of an intelligent trading investment alliance, which has become an annual important activity in the quantitative trading ecosystem.

Therefore, GENESIS Al is co-founded and supported by Elwood asset, capital, and One Financial, regulated by the Singapore MSB Monetary Authority, and is committed to creating a world-class cryptocurrency professional market trading platform.

United kingdom future has offices in Panama, Singapore, France and Japan, and has reached strategic cooperation with many of the world’s top exchanges including bitmex.

The Genesis AI quantitative trading team was established in 2019. It has grown and developed for three years. It has recruited hundreds of professional traders and senior analysts with senior investment banking backgrounds around the world. The team members involve the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, and Japan. The technical output of other places, research and application of stocks, futures and blockchain strategy trading.

So what is Genesis AI intelligence?
In fact, the positioning of Genesis AI intelligent quantification is a service platform, an innovative artificial intelligence quantification community. The core products of AI are aggregate income system, quantitative intelligent trading system, hedging quantification, burning quantification, nine risk control systems, and social circle.

In the future, Genesis AI will create comprehensive application value in the future, and will cooperate with major real industries in decentralized applications.
Jointly build the overall application ecology of blockchain + intelligent quantification + industry!

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