Aeterna Moves Toward DeFi Automated Structure with Native Token Launch

Following a booming presale on PinkSale, $Aeterna is going to have its official launch on PancakeSwap along with a Certik audit.

Cape Coral, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aeterna ($Aeterna), a one-of-a-kind DeFi ecosystem that provides a range of methods to make income and navigate through a confusing decentralized world, has announced the launch of its native token, $Aeterna, which will assist the project progress toward a DeFi automated ecosystem structure. The launch, which will take place Tuesday, May 03. 2022 at 17:00 UTC, on PancakeSwap, is aimed at making Aeterna a self-driven, automated DeFi ecosystem.

This ecosystem is built to support the influx of new investors into the crypto space. By providing a safe platform with a multitude of revenue-generating utilities, Aeterna is designed to be the safe hub that helps users grow and familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency.

Aeterna operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain network designed for running smart contract-based applications. With its auto-compounding protocol, Aeterna hopes to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, where each holder can earn 200,000% APY on their holdings.

Aeterna – An Automated DeFi Ecosystem with 200,000% APY

Aeterna has dual KYC, with House of Obsidian and SOLIDProof, which makes it a trustworthy project. Certik Audit is also expected right after the launch.

Successful Presale on PinkSale

Aeterna presale continued on PinkSale from April 29, 2022, 17:00 UTC to May 01, 2022, 17:00 UTC. Presale had a soft cap of 1,200 BNB and a hard cap of 2,000 BNB, with minimum buying limit set at 0.5 BNB and maximum buy at 8 BNB. A total of 946 individuals contributed in the presale, filling the pool up to 1,888 BNB, approximately hitting the hard cap.

The presale rate was set at 1 BNB = 114 $Aeterna, whereas the listing rate on PancakeSwap will be 1 BNB = 108 $Aeterna.

Further details about the presale can be found here.

Aeterna Ecosystem – Bringing Long-term Sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Aeterna ecosystem. This is achieved by Aeterna’s D.A.P.Y Protocol (Dynamic APY), and a set of innovative utilities, which help the project provide investors with a 200,000% rebasing APY.

The Dynamic APY Protocol

When Aeterna is under increased buying pressure, the D.A.P.Y. may be manually adjusted to boost the rebase APY percentage. However, during times of increased selling pressure, the D.A.P.Y. may be adjusted to reduce the rebase percentage, allowing for greater price stability.

In a nutshell, the D.A.P.Y. provides for higher rewards during bullish trends and consolidation during sell-offs.

Sustainability through Utilities

Most cryptocurrencies fail due to the lack of revenue generation and an overly reliance on trading volume. To achieve real sustainability, Aeterna will launch a number of useful utilities, such as:

  • Aeternative Creation Hub and Utility Hub: The Aeternative Creation and Utility Hub (A.C.U.H.) is the community-focused vessel of the ecosystem. Aeterna will provide several services through this hub to facilitate learning and guidance for both new and experienced investors.
  • AeternaPad Platform: Aeterna will build its own launchpad (AeternaPad Platform or A.P.P) with two separate categories, one for meme tokens and one for true use case projects, in accordance with its goals and objectives of expansion and sustainability.
  • Aeterna DeFi Tools: After providing a secure environment for investors, it’s only logical to give the tools to assist them navigate this new arena. Aeterna wants to give consumers faster trading and a user-friendly experience so they can spend more time doing what they love and less time gazing at their phone.
  • Aeterna Escrow Services: In the DeFi world, security and trustworthiness are indeed crucial. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find trustworthy individuals in the crypto industry. This is where Aeterna Escrow Services (AES) comes in. The AES is a service that benefits both the contractor and the contractee by providing a level of security that is uncommon in DeFi.
  • Aeterna Cross-chain Bridge: The Aeterna Cross-chain Bridge enables for the seamless, quick, and secure transfer of funds between 6 of the most commonly used chains. The Aeterna Cross-chain Bridge, unlike traditional bridges, can be used completely anonymously, and because no wallet connection is necessary, there is no risk of a malicious attack on your other holdings.
  • Aeterna Lottery: The Aeterna Lottery consists of three different types of lotteries; The Aeterna native token lottery, the BNB lottery and the NFT lottery (coming later). Naturally, each lottery is designed to reward the winner handsomely!

Further utilities of Aeterna ecosystem includ The Aeterna DEX (decentralized exchange), and The Aeterna Investor Network.

Aeterna Tokenomics

Aeterna believes that holding assets should be rewarded on a daily basis, which is why it offers a massive 200,000% APY for simply holding, with no requirement to invest or lock tokens. With this rebase approach, the token value in the wallet will automatically increase every 15 minutes without the user having to do anything.

Aeterna Global Marketing Initiative

In order to achieve its aim of sustainable expansion, the Aeterna team will execute extensive and heavy digital marketing, particularly on platforms where interaction with the content is strongest, which might include new areas and possibly untapped markets.

As mentioned in the roadmap, Aeterna will also target well-known crypto marketing platforms, YouTube and Twitter influencers, and much more.

Aeterna has initiated Phase Two of its roadmap (whitepaper), and with future planned partnerships and marketing efforts, the project is expected to reach new heights after launching major utilities.

About Aeterna

Aeterna is a one-of-a-kind DeFi ecosystem that provides a range of methods to create income and navigate a perplexing decentralized environment. Aeterna is adamant about creating a strong, multi-purpose ecosystem that is constructed with sustainability in mind, rather than just one or two utilities.

Aeterna recognizes that creating a broad and ever-expanding ecosystem needs devoted professionals and a significant support team. To that purpose, Aeterna will seek to engage additional professionals in all domains of knowledge as needed.

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