Head Games migrates from BSC To Avax

Brighton, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Head Games team is happy to inform the community regarding its migrating from BSC to Avax. And also to update about its crypto gaming ecosystem where players can choose from an impressive list of exciting games to play. The team aims to give players of satisfying their gaming needs by offering a variety of games that will meet every gamer’s requirements. 

Besides offering players an array games, it also offers them a money-making opportunity by playing against other players.

The Head Game System

$HEAD is the Head Games Ecosystem’s token. The multi-platform currency is used on the gaming platform and supports all mobile devices.

To use the platform, the team advises prospective users to download MetaMask or Trust Wallet and register their personal information on the DApps platform using this link: https://app.headgames.io/login-page. The registration allows them to activate their Head Games wallet. 

When playing on the Head Games platform, users can earn the $HEAD token as an incentive when playing any game. They simply need to transfer the token rewards into their Head Games wallet for easy access to the token. 

Extra Income

Gamers can earn extra income through specially-produced NFTs for games on the platform. Another source of income is through referrals. The team intends to grow the project by offering players a referral commission for each user who joins the platform through them.  For each referral, the referee will receive a $HEAD token as referral commission. 


The team will produce NFT for some special content. Players who acquire these NFTs will earn more income than their counterparts who don’t own them. NFT owners can also sell their digital assets whenever they desire. 


• Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens.
• Token: $HEAD.
• Burn wallet: 56%.
• Game ecosystem and CEX liquidity: 30%.
• Seed investors: 5%
• Presale: 5%.
• DEX liquidity: 4%.

About the Founder/CEO

Samet Caliskan doubles as Head Games’ founder and CEO. He bagged a BA in Business from the revered University of Kent.

He has been active in the gaming industry for over two years. In the cryptocurrency industry, the savvy investor is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert from the Blockchain Council in recognition of his prowess in the crypto space.

Previously, he worked in different capacities as a marketing and business manager in several gaming companies while currently working as a marketing advisor for Meta Warriors Club.

Social links

Telegram: https://t.me/headgames

Twitter: http://twitter.com/headgames_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/headgames

CONTACT: Company: Head Games
Contact Name: Samet Caliskan
E-mail: info at) headgames.io
Website: http://www.headgames.io/ 

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