How to Make the Most of a Guys’ Night In

Guys’ night is a great time to kick back with the lads and enjoy some time just to yourselves. Whether you are just having the guys over to watch the game, or you are looking to make the evening a bit more suave, have a read through this article for some great tips on how to make a lad’s night that will go down in history!


Everyone likes to drink, chat and play a game of poker on a guys’ night in. Poker night is a guys’ night classic for a reason – it provides the perfect balance of social interaction while also keeping everyone involved in a tense and thought-provoking game. Poker can tend to get a bit rowdy – but that’s the point of a guys’ night! Have a few beers around the table and you’ll be in for a night of fun with the guys. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with how much the buy-in is – you don’t want any sore losers!

Cigar Testing

Having a test of some luxury cigars is a great activity which will add an element of sophistication and luxury to the night. See if your guests can guess which cigar is which, and if you feel like making it more interesting, add in a money prize for the man that guesses correctly. Cigar testing will always provoke lots of interesting conversations around which cigar each guy likes the most, so it’s a great activity to take part in on a guys’ night.

Get Some Great Food

A guys’ night wouldn’t be complete without some kind of food – whether that’s snacks for when you are watching the game or a big feast – so make sure you have some idea of the food that you are going to need to buy before the guys come round. If you want to save time, you could all pitch in and order a takeaway. In the summertime, having a barbeque with the guys is a great idea as you can enjoy the summer evening while chatting over sumptuous, freshly grilled burgers.

Watch Some Sport

Watching sports with the lads is a well-known guys’ night tradition. Watching sport is a great way to bond with the guys, especially if you are all supporting the same team. If not, some healthy debate and arguing never hurt anyone! It doesn’t even have to be football if that’s not what you’re all into. Choose something that you know you will all enjoy. If you want a great place to watch live sport then consider Unibet live snooker as one example. It helps if you choose the house with the biggest screen for watching sports though!

Sometimes, there is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with the guys. After a long and hard week of working, having a guys’ night is a great time to relax in a comfortable atmosphere while bonding with all your best mates.

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