X METAVERSE PRO Explores New Easy-To-Use Features With The Support Of Artificial Intelligence And Modern Technologies In X META Copy Fund

Denver, Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado –

The revolutionary development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has shocked most cryptocurrency enthusiasts with its overwhelming ability to solidify the use of financial asset management through virtual platforms. As a rule of thumb, DeFi consists of smart contracts, which in turn powers the DApps created by developers.

This can be seen in the X METAVERSE PRO platform as the team of experts explore new easy-to-use features with the support of artificial intelligence and modern technologies in one of their most prominent financial asset management services, X META Copy Fund. The further flourishing development of modern technologies can be seen as the backbone of the whole project, where developers can now include more user-friendly features and approaches to help sustain the platform. The X META Copy Fund platform has now become a place where investors and traders can invest and trade multiple currencies with a single tap effortlessly.

“As we emerge to become the forthcoming future of the Metaverse, we pride ourselves in implementing artificial intelligence technology to efficiently track and analyze on-chain data. Not only that, but our platform will automatically track the progress analytics of our fellow users (investors and traders), be it experienced or novice, to be duplicated in each of their accounts,” as said by one of the Board of Directors of X METAVERSE PRO.

The X META Copy Fund platform implements the use of UTXO mode at the computer layer, enabling fully functioning Turing-complete smart contract virtual machines. The Turing Scheme collects, retains, and stores users’ data whilst ensuring information transparency. This helps users to be more confident to entrust the platform while managing their financial assets virtually. With its non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, X METAVERSE PRO is the first digital platform to fully realize privacy protection for Turing-complete smart contracts (NIZK). X METAVERSE PRO, in contrast to other blockchain privacy protection solutions, is able to ensure the confidentiality of user accounts, financial transactions, and the input and output of a Turing-complete smart contract. To top it all off, X META-smart Chain’s contracts allow developers to distribute untraceable digital assets (Tokens), and developers’ communications with smart contracts are encrypted.

Moreover, the company’s solid foundation principles are one of the reasons that serve as the cornerstone of their ongoing endeavors. The platform implements the highest decision-making authority and centralized deliberation powers in order to improve operational efficiency. To mitigate the potential damage from excessive market volatility, the X METAVERSE PRO protocol combines the best features of conventional fund management with a stop-loss mechanism. The money is locked in the contract, and the system also includes a self-investment mechanism that requires the fund management to contribute a set percentage of funds. Additionally, the X METAVERSE PRO protocol’s stringent risk control mechanism enables transaction closure guarantees money security, and is sustainable.

Now, the team in X METAVERSE PRO is developing machines that can trade on their own, using a combination of technical analysis and artificial intelligence (AI)-based self-learning algorithms to handle deposits and generate a profit. The protocol is the first of its kind, serving as a bridge between the virtual, encrypted, and real worlds to improve liquidity for a wider variety of high-quality assets and bringing together investors, asset holders, third-party evaluation agencies, third-party financial service agencies, and more to build a truly decentralized financial ecosystem. Currently, the X METAVERSE PRO protocol is expanding the number of available trading pairs, facilitating payments, and enhancing other decentralized asset management platform features.


For more information about X METAVERSE PRO, contact the company here:

X Metaverse Pro
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