Megatech Announces the Completion of Its Rebranding Phase

Klerksdorp, South Africa, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Despite its massive growth in popularity over the recent years, blockchain remains an alien topic for some. For this reason, it’s crucial for blockchain-based platforms to properly communicate their message — even for people who are learning about the concept for the first time. That said, this is where the need for an effective project website comes in. 

An outstanding website should be eye-catching, easy to navigate, and fully functional. Aside from these qualities, it is essential that it should have detailed project information, a clear roadmap and whitepaper, and an amazing team page. 

Keeping these fundamentals in mind, Megatech, an alternative energy supply firm that advocates sustainability by utilizing blockchain technology, has decided to give its brand a new look. Today, the company proudly announces the completion of its rebranding stage. 

With this bold move, the company highlights its step in heading into the future with innovative sustainable investment. Consequently, users can finally enjoy an immersive experience through its revamped website brimming with exciting updates to look forward to. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that holders of MGT, the native token of Megatech, can now directly swap their tokens on the newly-improved website. This was made possible through the integration of the BSC-built DEX, Pancakeswap. In fact, on the website’s homepage, several video tutorials are available to walk through users the step-by-step process of swapping their tokens. 

A whitepaper is a critical ingredient in a solid blockchain project’s success, as potential investors or interested enthusiasts usually check this document out before making a financial decision. With this, Megatech is also happy to say that its updated whitepaper is already available on the website for viewing. 

Overall, Megatech users — old or new — are in for a seamless experience.

About Megatech
Megatech is an alternative energy supply company that utilizes blockchain technology to solve real-world problems like climate change. It provides token holders with financial returns on solar fields owned by the firm, thereby giving every individual a chance to earn cryptocurrency by using sustainable energy solutions. 
To learn more about Megatech, visit our Website | Twitter | Telegram | WhitePaper 

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