RevoLand Will Soon Launch Staking Functionality for its Users

RevoLand, a blockchain-based MOBA game with a daily activity of over 10,000, will soon launch its staking function

Dubai, UAE, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RevoLand, a blockchain-based MOBA game with a daily activity of over 10,000, will soon launch its staking function. Recently, the token price in P2E has fallen across the board, and problems such as lack of sustainability and serious loss of organic users continue to plague the entire chain game market. 

To improve the current issues in the blockchain game market, RevoLand, a well-known blockchain game, announced that it will officially launch its staking system in August, aiming to attract more organic users to the RevoLand ecosystem and thus increase the sustainability of the project. Thus, RevoLand’s staking system is expected to bring multiple benefits to token-holding users, game users, and token-holding + game users.

RevoLand, a British metaverse project, raised $10 million in funding

RevoLand is developed by Chain X Game (CXG), a London-based metaverse game development company that focuses on traditional games and blockchain development. The team aims to use GamiFi as a breakthrough to build a metaverse for users of the current worldwide gaming community, which will connect gamers, metaverse citizens, guilds and organizations, and everyone willing to try a new web3 lifestyle.

RevoLand, officially launched earlier this year, is a blockchain-based multiplayer online competitive (MOBA) game that allows players to gather friends to form teams, battle with others, and earn token rewards for their skills. RevoLand is dedicated to exploring a viable combination of traditional games and blockchain games and is a product that blends the advantages of traditional handheld games with substantial completion and entertainment.

Although RevoLand only launched not long ago, it closed its first multi-million dollar funding round at the end of May. The funding was led by Hashkey Capital and Polygon Venture, with Tian Ge Interactive, AKG Venture, LinkVC, Arcanum Capital Atlas Capital, Crypto Nord, PlayPark, MX investment, One Block Capital, AW Capital, Phemex Venture, Winston International, Gene Vision, and Yield Master. It is reported that this round of funding will be used to continue developing RevoLand’s game product iteration, accelerating the platform’s global expansion strategy.

Meanwhile, the market conditions in May were at the frostiest point of the bear market. Back then, Terra had collapsed, driving the entire crypto market downward, and the former P2E leader Axie Infinity was also mismanaged, causing the price of its gaming token SLP to go to near zero in May. Therefore, that RevoLand completed a multi-million dollar funding round in May also proves its potential to a certain extent.

According to officials, RevoLand is the first P2E game to hit Huawei’s store and deeply cooperates with Huawei. In addition, RevoLand has gathered Seagm Asian, Iceberg Interactive, and Sigma Europe as strategic partners to protect the development of RevoLand.

Furthermore, RevoLand has a large user base, with over 100,000 social media users. At the same time, RevoLand’s native token REVO has been officially launched on major exchanges and is live on over ten exchanges, including Huobi Global and, which are among the top ten exchanges in the world.

A strong boost to RevoLand’s growth path

RevoLand’s rapid growth is due to the support of its partners, in addition to the favor of investment institutions.

Many blockchain game projects are being criticized, primarily because of the lack of playability, but RevoLand attaches great importance to this problem and has done its best in research and development. To remedy this, RevoLand partners comprise experts and talents from various industries, including business planning, technology integration, blockchain system development, game production, game distribution, etc. Therefore, RevoLand has received a lot of strong support in game development.

In addition, RevoLand is also a sponsor of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour Africa 2022 (BCAT) with Binance and other well-known blockchain companies. Meanwhile, the platform has also entered a partnership with SEAGM, a famous digital online game store in Southeast Asia. Here, it is worth mentioning that SEAGM has over 11 million active users and over 100 global payment channels worldwide, which can meet the needs of global gamers and provide a secure transaction mechanism, and RevoLand will work with SEAGM to provide users with a unique P2E gaming experience.

What’s more, RevoLand also pays great attention to cooperations with famous guilds. In this way, nearly 50 world-famous unions have reached cooperation with RevoLand within one month of the game launch, including JAPAN GAMING GUILD (JGG), TROY GG, SHADOW LEGACY GUILD, FORN GAMING GUILD, PLAYNITY, RAIJINSHU GUILD, RANKERDAO, Avisa, Arche, etc.

RevoLand launches the staking system to bring players double income with ease.

Besides the professional game experience, the RevoLand project also pays vast attention to the interests of the coin-holding users. In addition to the in-game earnings, there is also a part of the staking system of RevoLand. Ultimately, it is known that the staking system will be launched soon. Plus, RevoLand has established a DAO organization. As a decentralized project, token-holding users have voting rights in the DAO. This means token-holding users can participate in some important decisions of the RevoLand project; therefore, the launch of the staking system is also an excellent benefit for token-holding users.

For game users, staking will allow players to gain more profits than their in-game earnings and significantly reduce their payback time. Meanwhile, crypto users can manage the RevoLand project by participating in the staking, becoming part of the project community and earning significant profits. RevoLand officials say that the staking system will start with a single token staking for REVO, followed by a single token staking for REVO LP, a single token staking for LAND, and token staking for LAND LP.

Players can choose the appropriate staking time (15/30/60 /120 days) to determine the annual percentage yield (APY) in the staking system. The longer the staking time, the more the APY will be.

In addition to the staking benefits mentioned above, participating in REVO staking allows players to gain in-game benefits. First, RevoLand will provide additional output bonuses in-game based on the number of REVO staked; second, all NFT cards in the corresponding wallet will take effect. However, after the player releases the staking, the bonus effect will also expire (24H effective system).

Concerning the above bonus effect, the more REVO staking, the more additional bonus will be given to the player. In the staking system, REVO staking is divided into five ladders: 100, 500, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000, and the following are the additional bonuses for each staking ladder (for reference only).

● Ladder 1: REVO staking totaling 100, with an additional earnings bonus of 2%.

● Ladder 2: REVO staking totaling 500, with an additional earnings bonus of 4%.

● Ladder 3: REVO staking totaling 2,000, with an additional earnings bonus of 6%.

● Ladder 4: REVO staking totaling 5,000, with an additional earnings bonus of 8%.

● Ladder 5: REVO staking totaling 10,000, with an additional earnings bonus of 10%.

The above staking system can bring extra income to players. Besides the fixed staking income, players can also get an extra income bonus in RevoLand through the staking system, undoubtedly a huge attraction for players. The rules of staking are similar to other staking mechanisms, i.e. the more staking and time, the more profit the player will get.

Therefore, this is a great investment opportunity for token holders. The launch of the staking system marks a further movement toward RevoLand’s decentralized finance, and opening up more benefits to taken-holding users will undoubtedly drive REVO’s token price steadily up. As a long-term development project, REVO token towards the beginning of the listing does not show the trend of feverish rise followed by a big fall like most GamiFi projects. Consequently, a steady and progressive operation mode is not necessarily a negative matter for the investment users in the bear market.

Future plans: constantly updating and iterating to expand the market scale

So, what is RevoLand’s plan after launching the staking system?

First, in terms of technology, RevoLand will continuously update and iterate to enhance the playability of the game, and it is reported that a new version of RevoLand will be planned to go online at the end of this year. Second, in terms of market development route, RevoLand will continue to increase cooperation with famous organizations, in addition, RevoLand plans to start a guild system to expand cooperation with famous guilds.

Also, on the secondary market, RevoLand plans to go live on the top centralized exchange. Finally, to expand RevoLand’s development, RevoLand plans to recruit global partners, and interested parties can contact through RevoLand’s official website.





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