Crypto Exchange Nonfinite to Sell Their 3000 BTC at 1 to 5% Lower Price Than the Market Price

Nonfinite has offered their 8 years stock of 3000 BTC to soft launch their crypto exchange platform.

Vilnius, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The current shake in the cryptocurrency market has led many companies and investors to reconsider their investment strategies. However, web 3.0-based platforms like Nonfinite have taken this opportunity to introduce their unique crypto exchange, selling BTC at a 1 to 5 percent lower price than the market price. 

The Nonfinite exchange allows users to buy, sell, and trade crypto at tier-one pricing at the lowest trading fees, as low as 0.07%. The founders of the highly secure and hidden platform have brought out their 8 years stock of 3000 BTC, valued at 66 million. By selling these Bitcoins on its crypto exchange Nonfinite, the company aims to help big traders and whales to regain some profit while generating market momentum. The company will offer BTC at 1-5% lower price than the current market price, making it lucrative for investors to utilize the unique platform.

Talking about their motive behind offering 66 million worth of BTC with a 1-5% lesser market price, Nonfinite CEO stated, “it’s a good opportunity for many investors.”

As the crypto market has reached its record low, Nonfinite CEO advises everyone to remain calm despite the current market condition affected by the unexpected inflation data.

Quoting an example of the pro-crypto company, MicroStrategy, Nonfinite CEO said, “we need to stay calm, even MicroStrategy’s CEO was calm too.”

MicroStrategy is the top crypto asset holder globally per their corporate balance sheet. The company CEO Michael Saylor is among the top influential individuals in the crypto industry. Despite the current crypto market plunge on Monday, Saylor remained positive as he tweeted, “In #Bitcoin We Trust.”

Despite Saylor’s positive sentiment, MicroStrategy’s stock plummeted dramatically as the market opened. The stock lost 25% of its value, the biggest one-day plunge, driving it to the lowest level since October 2020. 

However, MicroStrategy’s CEO still plans to hold Bitcoin “through adversity.”

As per Bitcoin Treasuries, a monitoring resource, the company’s stack of 129,218 BTC is currently at a $1.2 billion loss, computing almost two-thirds of MicroStrategy’s 100 percent market cap.

Despite the current scenario, Saylor is sure about his Bitcoin approach. Answering concerns about MicroStrategy’s future, the CEO wrote on Twitter, “When MicroStrategy adopted a Bitcoin Strategy, it anticipated volatility and structured its balance sheet so that it could continue to HODL through adversity.”

Agreeing with MicroStrategy’s CEO, Nonfinite CEO agrees on staying calm. To prove his agreement with Saylor, the Nonfinite team will be soft-launching their web 3.0 crypto exchange platform, offering features like spot trading, staking, trading bots, hybrid wallet, and more. In addition to its discounted 1-5% Bitcoin price and low trading fees, the platform offers advanced security, allowing users to bypass internet censorship. Along with such unique offerings, the Nonfinite also limits its user intake to 10,000 each year, offering the best and limited service.

To know more about Nonfinite, please visit the website:

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