Decentralized xx network Enables Truly Confidential Online Help

xx network unveils plans for a Web3 native dApp ecosystem focused on preserving privacy

LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — xx network, the world’s first truly private and decentralized network for communications and payments, today announced plans for a Elixxir Platform which will consist of a dApp ecosystem, providing a variety of decentralized apps built specifically to ensure privacy across a multitude of verticals. Significant grant funding to drive development is being provided by the xx Foundation, an xx network support organization.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that nonprofit Crisis Text Line has been sharing all its client data in “anonymized” form with a for-profit partner,, which uses the data via machine learning “to make customer support more human, empathetic, and scalable.” Loris funds CTL, and CTL has an ownership stake in Loris. Data collected from people in pain and at their most vulnerable was being exploited to build better bots.

But the CTL-Loris scandal is just the smallest tip of an immense iceberg—the lack of true online privacy in our interactions with a range of companies, including health insurers and search engines. When asked what changes they most wanted to see, respondents to a recent survey on the future of the internet overwhelmingly agreed that they want a network where “it is easier to protect my privacy”, where they have “more control over how my data is used,” and where they see a general reduction in “the number of ads.“ Overall, 70% of consumers “don’t feel in control of how websites use their personal data.” These are the leading qualities people want in what’s being called Web 3.0.

xx network is using its technology to ensure the future of personal data. The network’s private communications layer provides quantum-secure, end-to-end encryption alongside “metadata shredding” — all information about who messages whom, when and how often, and from where is destroyed. This technology makes xx network an ideal platform for a truly anonymous helpline, and developers have already created the template for such an application based on the xx messenger—open source, like the xx network itself.

David Chaum, xx network’s founder, inventor of cMix and digital currency, is emphatic: “The xx network team has built the ground floor of Web3,” he says. “No more hype or vague promises—Web3 is already up and running. Now developers and creators committed to a truly decentralized, democratic, privacy-preserving internet can join the community and build up and out from here.”

To support these privacy-based dApps, the xx Foundation is gearing up to provide millions of dollars’ worth of grant support to fund independent development in the following areas:

Private Communication

  • Push-to-talk communications routed over the xx network’s cMix
  • Private messaging to users of other messengers
  • Private scheduling of events without revealing individual schedules
  • Secret sharing of private keys or passwords for recovery

Shielded Help Services

  • Women’s Health Advice
  • Civil Rights Defense
  • Whistleblowers
  • Intimate Partner Violence

Privacy Shielding

  • Accessing any RSS feed while maintaining anonymity
  • Searching Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Google, and many others while maintaining privacy

Private Social Media

  • Truly anonymous forums and chat rooms
  • Metadata-protected pseudonymous tweeting
  • “Pirate Radio”—anonymous broadcast of audio content

CryptoCurrency and Finance

  • Metadata-protected payments with xx coin and other crypto
  • Authenticated and private wallet address sharing

The xx Foundation invites anyone to apply for a grant from the xx Foundation Grant Program in order to develop these ultra-private dApps to run on the xx network. The Foundation is seeking both experienced and new developers to build out the unique platform offered by the network. Additional details will be shared on the xx network Twitter in the coming weeks. Follow at @xx_network.

About xx Foundation
The xx Foundation supports the right to transfer value when and as needed and the right to control one’s own data and personal information. The Foundation is focused on helping to jumpstart the introduction of privacy to Web3 by supporting the growth of the xx network.

About xx network
xx network is a new type of platform, offering a protected digital sphere through which its users can share ideas and exchange value in a secure and private way. The xx network is a privacy-protecting breakthrough, layer-one blockchain that protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing. It was built by an international team led by David Chaum, the Godfather of cryptocurrency and CEO of Privategrity, the developer of xx messenger. For more information, please visit

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