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The Past and the Future in the Present with

Transylvania, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kronia was the mythological festival held in honour of the Titan Cronus, father of Zeus. The feast is associated with free speech, freedom, and equity, being a celebration of fairness. A Golden Age feast promoting “one estate for the use of everyone”. Even being inspired by an old and mythological festival, this is the main goal of Kronia DAO.

Kronia Real World

Kronia Estate is a strategic-positioned real estate in Europe and Headquarters for one of the most important projects ever existed. The founders of Kronia chose Transylvania as a starting base, for being a land filled with legends and history but also having one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. And it is really need it for the Metaverse and Gaming experience. Beside the Kronia Castle, Kronia Estate will comprise a unique Transylvania Park – medieval experience, with themes like Dracula, Van Helsing, vampires, werewolves, and more. Transylvania is the best choice for such an impressive project as it touches all the requirements put forward. In addition, the “Vampirology International Institute” will be founded in the Transylvania Park. An institution that will enlighten about vampires from myth to reality but also learn more about the theme.

Everything will be built with new technologies but inspired by the medieval architecture of the strongest fortresses in history. The largest Medieval holiday village in Eastern Europe, Transylvania Park will transport its visitors hundreds of years in the past and make them feel like they are part of an era long gone.

Besides the Transylvania Park, Kronia also offers nobility titles. Become a member of the community and receive noble titles as Knight, Lord, or Count of Transylvania with a real-world recognition certificate. Together, the Kronia members will own the awesome architectural masterpiece – Kronia Royal Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Moreover, all the future castles of Kronia and the real-world assets will be co-owned by its members.

Kronia Metaverse

Since the Metaverse and NFTs came to life, there has been a growing trend towards the “future” in the industry. However, the founders of Kronia genuinely believe that Medieval, aka the past, is the way to go. “We all like raw steel, not the “pew-pew” sound of imagined guns” is mentioned in Kronia’s website –

This is the goal of Kronia Metaverse, to create the best online Medieval world together! It’s a combination between the past and the future, all done in the present. Kronia Metaverse will be built with Unreal Engine for a hyper realistic and immersive medieval experience. It will be possible to create your own avatar, full of assets using Metahuman and Unreal Engine 5. A MetaScan partnership is on the way, too.

The organization will develop its own MMO Metaverse to promote social interaction, nobility arts, and play to earn for rewarding its members. But mostly, to create a strong and genuine community able to rule the organization as DAO. There is a long way till human civilization will achieve immortality, although it has been said that the first human to live forever has already been born. Until then, the founders of Kronia are giving you the opportunity to be immortal through the game’s avatars and world.

Kronia DAO

We want to emphasize the fact that all votes in Kronia DAO will be equal, no matter what kind of noble title you get or how much money you have. The “Citizenship” NFTs will be emitted and will allow all the “citizens of Kronia” to vote for the future of the community. Remember the ultimate goal we specified in the beginning, a unified organization where the community decides the future – this is what Kronia wants to become, a big family where everybody is equal regardless of any social or financial aspect.

Yet, the financial part will play an important role and has to be mentioned. A cryptocurrency called KRON will be created to support the decentralised finance system of the DAO. You can buy the tokens and use them for different operations like buying metaverse assets, nobility titles and even Kronia’s NFTs. Be fast enough and take advantage of the unique presale price offered between the 9th and 12th of June.

Kronia World

Kronia is aiming to write today, tomorrow’s history, hence, the title of my article. Supporting Kronia, we create the Kronia World with everything you want in it: “AAA” gaming experience, metaverse world, augmented reality, virtual reality, play-to-earn system, NFTs, MMORPG, cryptocurrency, real estate investments, real-world entertainment, noble titles, memberships for life, co-ownership of our castles, and more. The Past and the Future in the Present! 

Final Words

The Metaverse is becoming more and more popular online. There is an abundance of Metaverses coming up every day but in the end, there will be one that will stand out among the others. Sandbox is already a household name in the department of Metaverses. What will the next one be? One that is original, one that is loyal and shows potential. One that is fair and unbiased, one that all of us will want a piece of. Kronia ticks all the boxes with their dual-world model, real life, and virtual life. It’s one of the strongest contestants on the market to become THE Metaverse, the place that everyone will speak of and believe in.

Join in early and become part of the amazing and unique community that Kronia will morph into. Let’s grow together.

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