Banxa announces a 0% gateway fees for BitYard users

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In this age of cryptocurrency popularity, swiping the card to buy cryptocurrencies charge handling fees, although it seems that there is not a lot of money, the accumulation is not a small amount.

BitYard is a one-stop crypto exchange and is dedicated to offering a variety of services intended to simplify the trading experience and aim to create the best platform for novice traders and professional investors. Recently, BitYard and Banxa, a third-party partner, have provided users with card-swiping fee-free activities on the platform. This is a great opportunity for users to save money.

When users usually want to buy cryptocurrencies, many other exchanges will charge users additional handling fees, and users also need to pay handling fees to the credit card merchants for swiping the card. Besides the fact that it will add to the exchange rate, it is likely to be charged nearly 5% of the fee.

BitYard and its three-party partners now offer a one-week transaction fee-free activity for payments, allowing users to save a transaction fee every time they buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. If the user buys crypto in our platform, not only do they not need to be charged transaction fees, but also save the fees charged by credit card providers.

Banxa is a full-stack fiat to Web3 on-and-off-ramp, providing the most global and local payment options to their partners, ensuring the highest conversion rates, and powering some of the industry’s biggest crypto platforms in Layer 2 transactions.

Banxa has the most payment options available in the industry.

● Flexible: Choose how you pay, with access to more payment options including direct bank transfers and card transactions. Buy crypto your way.

● Secure: Your transactions are safe with full fraud detection, KYC verification, and anti-money laundering systems protecting you.

● Allow multiple payment methods: PayID/Osko/NPP, POLi Payments (Online Payments), SEPA (Bank Transfer), iDEAL (Bank Transfer), Faster Payments (Bank Transfer), Interac (Bank Transfer), PIX (Bank Transfer)

BitYard is a one-stop crypto exchange platform with the most professional services. We provide users a trading solution through Spot, Contracts for Differences (CFDs), Inverse perpetual contracts, USDT perpetual contracts, Grid trading and Copy-trading services. 

Media Contact:Jeanne Hsieh
Contact: [email protected]

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