International Artist Irene Mamiye Unveils “DeCiphers” Collection With Doodle Labs Platform

New Digital Collectible Series Began by Reimagining Modernist Artists’ Work, from Barnett Newman to Ellsworth Kelley and Laslo Maholy Nagy

NEW YORK, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Doodle Labs Corp, the non-fungible token (NFT) company dedicated to bringing established artists and brands to the blockchain, has announced its latest collaboration with globally-recognized New York artist Irene Mamiye for the upcoming release of the DeCiphers digital collectible drop taking place on April 27.

Powered by Art Block platform Doodle Labs announces limited edition generative art NFT drop!

Mamiye will work closely with Doodle Labs to launch the new DeCiphers collection onto the Ethereum blockchain as a series of 1,000 generative NFTs. The partnership will build upon her already successful Ciphers series. Mamiye’s Ciphers was conceived by re-interpreting archival images by Ellsworth Kelley, Barnett Newman, and Laslo Maholy Nagy, as if they were fabricated using today’s technology.

Employing the use of digital art tools including Photoshop, Unity, and Cinema 4D to reimagine the works of modernist art through the lens of cutting-edge technology, Mamiye’s ambition of reframing authorship has allowed her to push the limits of her art and creativity to new levels across the mediums of photography, sculpture, and video.

Mamiye noted the significant meaning she expects the partnership to bring to her work, commenting: “Doodle Labs has allowed me to immortalize my work within the world of digital art, adding a new level of importance and meaning to my previous multi-dimensional work. The platform acts as a conduit in connecting artists like myself with the crypto community, opening new doors for collectors and art enthusiasts alike to discover my work.”

The DeCiphers collection continues the conversation of nuance and authorship within the digital age and will be available in a limited quantity and drop of 1,000 NFT minted pieces at

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About Doodle Labs Doodle Labs is dedicated to bringing established IRL artists and brands to the blockchain in an authentic manner. The platform is powered by Art Blocks generative minting technology, producing high quality one-of-one-of-x NFTS written on chain. For more information, please visit

About Irene Mamiye Irene Mamiye is a New York-based artist whose work incorporates photography, video, and digital imaging techniques. With light, color and movement, Mamiye blurs the distinctions between physical and virtual reality. Influenced by her own personal history and artists as diverse as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Gerard Richter, Mamiye employs intricate and labor-intensive processes to challenge what is expected of the photographic medium. Culling photographs from social media, Mamiye transforms the plentitude of public images into richly layered works that hint at a life lived between screens. With a playful yet mordant humor, Mamiye creates pieces packed with art historical depth and pop cultural abundance. Mamiye’s extensive body of work, including digital images, videos and furniture designs has been widely exhibited across the United States, including in the Aperture Foundation’s Photography is Magic, curated by Charlotte Cotton, and in the landmark show The Edge of Vision (2009). Mamiye’s work was part of the Museum of Art and Design’s Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography (2014), and exhibited at SCOPE Art Fair, SELECT Fair (NYC), and Art Hamptons. Her work has been featured in the following publications: Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Elle Décor and InStyle. Irene Mamiye was born in Marseille, France and immigrated to the US as an adolescent. For more information, please visit 

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