National Philanthropic Trust Donors Recommend 62,858 Grants Exceeding $1.67 Billion In 2019

Heightened Philanthropic Interest, Stock Market Growth, and Strong Economic Indicators Contribute to Historic 62% Increase in Value of NPT Donor-advised Fund Grants

JENKINTOWN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CharitableDonorsNational Philanthropic Trust (NPT), the largest national, independent donor-advised fund (DAF) sponsor, finished the decade by granting a record 62,858 gifts to charities on behalf of its donors, totaling more than $1.67 billion in 2019, representing an increase in value of 62% compared to 2018.

“NPT was founded almost 25 years ago when no one knew what a DAF was. Since then, DAFs have become the fastest-growing giving vehicle because of their extreme flexibility and ease of use. Every demographic utilizes DAFs, from millennials to baby boomers,” said Eileen Heisman, CEO of National Philanthropic Trust. “While our donors have diverse philanthropic values and goals, they share a tremendous dedication to charitable giving. During Giving Season 2019, I spoke to many existing and new donors. The commitment they expressed to supporting causes that are important to them was energizing.”

2019 NPT Year in Review, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31:

– $1.67 billion in grants (62% increase from $1.03 billion in 2018)

– 62,858 grants to US and international charities (35% increase from 46,452 in 2018)

In addition to cash contributions, NPT donors contributed illiquid assets to their DAFs to fund their philanthropy. NPT helped liquidate these assets, like stocks, business interests, and real estate, as well as art and cryptocurrency, and turn them into grantmaking dollars. Donors also sought to increase their DAF impact by choosing NPT’s proprietary impact investing options for their DAF accounts.

In 2019, NPT donors recommended grants to a wide range of causes and charities in the U.S. and around the globe, including women’s rights in Atlanta, literacy programming in Denver, wildfire relief in Australia, and infant mortality in Morocco.

NPT’s UK affiliate, NPT Transatlantic, also saw record grants to charities in 2019. The London-based organization issued grants exceeding $29.1 million (£22.8), representing a 75% increase compared to 2018.

A New Decade in DAFs

“As we begin a new decade of philanthropy, there are four key things to consider or watch in regard to DAFs,” said Heisman. “First, DAFs will continue to be a particularly attractive option for families as the ‘great wealth transfer’ accelerates. Second, philanthropic services at financial institutions, financial advisors, and DAF providers will become integral to effective philanthropy. Next, Americans will acknowledge the role tax policy plays in charitable giving. And, finally, technology will influence the simplicity of DAF grantmaking.”

About National Philanthropic Trust

Founded in 1996, NPT is the largest, national, independent donor-advised fund sponsor. Since its founding, NPT has raised nearly $16.9 billion in charitable contributions. NPT has made more than 311,000 donor-recommended grants exceeding $7.7 billion to charities around the world. NPT ranks among the largest grantmaking institutions in the United States. NPT annually publishes the Donor-Advised Fund Report, the sector’s authority on the state of DAF philanthropy. NPT offers DAF resources for individuals, advisors and charities. More at



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