Chinese DAMA, the World’s Top Investment Group Will Be Certified With a Gold Seal From Alibaba

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In recent years, the “Chinese Dama” has been continuously reported by domestic and foreign media in various forms. As we all know, the “Chinese Dama” rushed to purchase gold and became famous overnight when the global gold price plunged in April 2013. Their purchasing power on gold led to the biggest one-day increase in the global gold price in 2013. In August 2013, the Wall Street Journal used Dama as a brand-new English word to describe those middle-class female consumers for the first time in a video posted on its website. It is expected to be officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

For most people, Chinese Dama are often seen in parks and markets, and various poses for photos and super-strong bargaining power are their visible labels. However, along with the development of the Internet, Chinese Dama have been increasingly aware of how to “party”. Today, they have become a new investment group that should not be overlooked.

Whether it is Taobao Haitao, stock market, fund, foreign exchange, futures or real estate and financial products with investment thresholds, nothing stops Chinese Dama. They bear down menacingly through gold bargain-hunting, chasing after financial products and bitcoin speculation. They rush to purchase Tiffany and Rolex products in duty-free states of the U.S., buy gold ornaments and wines at HK shopping mall in Russia… In short, they will not miss any good opportunity to make money, and their financial awareness always keeps up with the pace of the times and the current trend.

Not long ago, the Chinese Dama joined Juhuasuan in visiting the “City of Gold in China” and even contracted a gold mine in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, creating a great sensation. On August 29, Chinese Dama will gather again at the Juhuasuan Gold Festival. Due to reliable platform and reasonable price, the Chinese Dama have already rushed to purchase gold bars in an organized manner. For this reason, Juhuasuan has made gold seals, which will certify the Chinese Aunties as the best Chinese investors. The industry insiders and outsiders are looking forward to the Gold Festival.

Among China’s highly competitive e-commerce giants, Juhuasuan is best at seizing the sinking market. Since these consumers have a slower pace of life and lower pressure, they often have a stronger consuming willingness. thus, Juhuasuan is constantly designing best-selling products with high cost efficiency for cities with sinking markets. This is exactly the reason why Chinese Dama have been following Juhuasuan.

Chinese Aunties have time and money and are willing to spend money. They have the first-class insight, thinking and proactivity. So how will the invincible Chinese Aunties invest and make decisions that will once again shock the world? Let’s wait and see the China Juhuasuan Gold Festival, which will be launched on August 29.



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