Cool Effect Announces One Million Tonnes of Carbon Retired

Bay Area Based Non-Profit Reaches Major Milestone in Carbon Emissions Reduction

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cool Effect, a Bay Area based non-profit focused on fighting the climate crisis, today announced one million tonnes of carbon emissions have been retired through Cool Effect’s carbon reduction projects across the globe. Launching just over three years ago, Cool Effect is thrilled to reach this milestone with the combined support of contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporate partners.

The Cool Effect platform was established in 2015 driven by a goal to provide individuals with an easy-to-understand, tangible way to make an immediate, measurable impact in the fight against climate change. Prior to the official platform launch, Cool Effect introduced its vision at the Sustainable Innovation Forum during COP21, and since then, the number of community members has grown to over 530,000. Following the recent U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report reiterating the sense of urgency for climate action, Cool Effect has seen more support now than ever, at all levels from dedicated individuals to businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are beyond thrilled to pass the one million tonnes retired mark,” said Cool Effect Co-Founder Dee Lawrence. “This all started with one project, and a mission to help maintain the planet for our future generations. This incredible milestone, however, is just the beginning of the cumulative impact we can have and reminds us that we can and must do much more as the consequences of climate change continue to compound. We must retire the next million faster.”

Dedicated to transparency and accountability to make a verified impact, Cool Effect has established partnerships with companies large and small, all on a like-minded mission to take immediate action to reduce carbon emissions. Support from organizations of all sizes has helped Cool Effect propel its mission to fight climate change further in the business world. From nationally recognized companies, such as Salesforce, Twitter and Brattle, to higher educational institutions like MIT and Yale, and environmentally driven companies, like Soleil Tojours, ADAY and Dyper, there is no shortage of opportunities to have an impact. In addition, Cool Effect recently launched its travel offset tool, which allows individuals, organizations and businesses to offset the carbon emissions they generate from air travel with an easy-to-use calculator. In an effort to offset its contribution to climate change, The New York Times’s Travel Desk recently announced it would use the Cool Effect platform to offset airplane travel by staff members on assignment.

Without every individual and organization that has supported our mission, we never would have reached this incredible goal,” said Marisa de Belloy, CEO of Cool Effect. “Looking future forward, we are working hard to provide ways for our business partners to make a tangible impact by offsetting their footprints in a variety of areas: energy, travel, events, and operations. We are living in a climate crisis and it’s imperative that we come together and use our voices to motivate immediate action.”

According to a recent study Cool Effect conducted with OnePoll, 82% of respondents believe that carbon emissions plays a major role in climate change, and 60% believe that people need to think about climate change in every aspect of their lives. It’s more important than ever to turn that sentiment into action to continue making an impact in the fight against climate change. Cool Effect continues to work toward the next million tonnes retired and beyond, by empowering all voices – individuals, organizations, and corporations – and provide them with the motivation and resources to make a difference.

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About Cool Effect™

Cool Effect is a San Francisco Bay Area 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to reducing carbon emissions around the world by allowing individuals, businesses, organizations and universities to create a tangible impact on climate change by funding the highest quality carbon reduction projects that are verifiably and measurably reducing global warming emissions. The organization was founded by Dee and Richard Lawrence on their passionate belief that support of carbon offset projects will create a cumulative effect that will reduce and prevent carbon pollution. Like the Butterfly Effect, The Ripple Effect, and others, a single action can have global impact. To learn more, please visit or follow Cool Effect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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