Announcing ShengJie Zhu as Chief Operating Officer of Blok Party, creator of the First TableTop Gaming Console

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Blok Party, a gaming technology company that designs and develops gaming console and software, announced the hiring of ShengJie Zhu, to support the founding director and CEO, John Dempsey, as Chief Operating Officer. ShengJie was hired for his extensive business development and emerging technology experience in Silicon Valley and NASA to tackle the growing operations of Blok Party.

Blok Party created its first product called the PlayTable. PlayTable is truly the world’s first innovative board game console that fosters meaningful social interactions and establishes a long-lasting relationship amongst friends.

PlayTable is the pioneer for Toy-Reality, the next-generation interaction of physical objects in digital games. With Toy-Reality, RFID-tagged toys can be used to bridge the gap between physical and digital play, breathing new life into board games, video games, and educational programs.

After launching the concept of the world’s first board game console two years ago, more than 100,000 fans reserved the device. To date, more than 5,000 early adopters have booked and pre-paid for a PlayTable, with more than 100,000 members fully involved and engaged in our community.

ShengJie’s extensive experience in engineering

Before joining Blok Party, ShengJie spent years in the technology industry, co-founding Titanium Falcon, a Silicon Valley-based smart hardware company. Following its success, Titanium Falcon was acquired by one of the largest IoT companies in China.

His experience in engineering goes far back to when he was in school for Robotics. ShengJie was the only student from Arizona State University to be selected to join NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission, where he helped design and build the mechanical systems for the Mars Rover.

ShengJie received his Bachelor’s in Robotic Engineering from Arizona State University, and he also published a FURI (Human-Robot Interaction) research in Spring 2016.

The start of a great friendship and partnership

“Bonding with real-life friends is necessary. I grew up and attended schools as an international student. I didn’t have many friends that I share hobbies with and keep in touch regularly. With school and work, I’ve dug myself into a dark hole where it’s normal to click ‘likes’ on social media or watch people play games online. There’s nothing wrong with social media and video streaming, but I felt very lonely and isolated.” – ShengJie Zhu

ShengJie met John at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. The two bonded over the determination to solve the rising loneliness epidemic as they quickly became friends and partners. ShengJie understood and cared deeply about the Blok Party’s mission to revive social bonding through interactive games.

ShengJie will be responsible for overseeing the APAC community and raising funds to ensure the PlayTable will develop to become the world’s best tabletop gaming console.

About Us

Founded by John Dempsey, an Eagle Scout whose DNA resides in meaningful social interaction, Blok Party is dedicated to providing the world with a groundbreaking and unprecedented gaming console and platform, with innovative games that can interact with physical assets to help people fall in love with real-life communication again. The PlayTable is anticipated to be the most popular tabletop gaming console in this century, with the highest quality gaming experience far beyond any gaming device in the world.

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