Gem Correspondent Company Launches a Blockchain-based Diamond Trading Platform

YEREVAN, Armenia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Blockchain–Gem Correspondent Company, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Gem Correspondent) announced that it has launched Gem Correspondent Platform that combines encryption and blockchain technology to provide diamond trading and relay platforms.

Gem Correspondent is an Armenia-based trading company that specializes in the purchase, processing, distribution, and trading of diamonds and colored stones.

Gem Correspondent Platform (GCP) provides a platform for buying and selling diamonds and gems using GCP coins. Gem Correspondent issued a master node based GCP coins to make a total of 500 million GCP coins mined.

Customers can easily purchase GIA-certified diamonds from the auction of GCP wallet using GCP coins.

The company will develop its platform as a relay platform that customers can trade diamonds using GCP coins in the future.

When the platform is activated, it is expected to secure global users and activate the diamond trading market, enabling the diamond trading market from the underground economy to the normal economy by using blockchain technology.

The GCP project is differentiated from other projects based on the real economy of diamonds and precious stones, and the company continues to secure the credibility of the company by securing diamond and jewelry assets.

GCP coins are trading on CoinExchange ( and started trading on bitOnbay ( from July 24.


Gem Correspondent Platform

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