EU Premiere: Exporo Issues the First Fully Digital Real Estate Collateralised Security

HAMBURG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RealEstateExporo is heralding a paradigm shift for the digitisation of real estate investments and is issuing token-based bonds on the Ethereum Blockchain for the first time as part of a regulated securities prospectus. A Hamburg property becomes a symbol for the future of more direct, efficient and transparent investment opportunities in attractive and professionally managed portfolio properties.

With the approval of the first securities prospectus in the EU for a token-based bond in the real estate sector, FinTech Exporo is further expanding its pioneering role in the digitisation of the world’s largest asset class. The use of blockchain technology by the market leader is a clear sign that the technology has outgrown its conceptual phase and offers real added value for investors and companies in the demonstrated application.

For Simon Brunke, CEO of Exporo AG, this step paves the way for groundbreaking developments that will significantly improve the offering for investors. “Already today, tokenization allows us to make our process more transparent, faster and leaner to bring our professionally managed properties even closer to our investors”. In addition, the company sees the strengths of the technology in the significant reduction of the minimum investment sums, theoretically down to 1 euro. This allows a simple and healthy portfolio diversification with smallest amounts for everyone. “We will also be able to significantly expand our Exporo trading platform – with the aim of turning an illiquid asset into a liquid one – so that every investor can trade his ‘pieces of real estate’ acquired through Exporo daily at fair value and almost in real time.

The independence from central securities depositories and custodian banks opens up access for domestic and especially for international investors. Customers will not only be able to make investments from anywhere in the world but will also be able to trade with others worldwide within seconds. The subscription process for the investor will not change, and deposits and withdrawals will continue to be made in euros.

The FinTech company Upvest from Berlin provides digital safes (wallets) for Exporo customers. The technology runs in the background of the platform and enables investors to manage their securities themselves in a digital vault.

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