Taking Advantage of the Potential of the Blockchain, the VRB Cryptocurrency Bank Is Creating a Brand New “contract-based” Business Ecosystem

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–By the end of 2018, the global GDP was 84 trillion US dollars, of which the United States accounted for 25%. There are tens of thousands of financial service institutions that circulate money around the globe, using the US dollar as the carrier. Of these, the largest number are banks, and there are thousands of banks with hundreds of thousands of outlets all over the world.

Ten years after the birth of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, the total market value for cryptocurrencies has exceeded $2.3 trillion. Even though the market value is now in the trillions of dollars, few banks are set up for the management and circulation of cryptocurrencies. The emergence of VRB fills this market gap and introduces a new “contract” mechanism to provide users with the best cryptocurrency management as well as value-added services.

VRB Cryptocurrency Bank: The Best Manager of the $2.3 Trillion Worth of Assets

VRB is positioned as the world’s leading contract-based cryptocurrency bank. At present, it is the first digital bank in the world that holds both a bank license and a US digital currency operation license, and which is legally incorporated. It can legally deal in encrypted digital assets and related financial services, fully guaranteeing the safeguarding of the capital of all VRB users. VRB can ensure the smooth flows of cryptocurrencies and it will become the best manager of these $2.3 trillion worth of assets in the future.

Rather than just growing, the facilitating of asset circulation on a global scale has become the hard-core target of cryptocurrency banks

At the heart of VRB is a smart contract system based on blockchain technology. It simplifies and enhances the trust-building process amongst people buying, selling and valuing assets and it no longer needs a third-party platform.

According to the roadmap plan, we will be able to enjoy the services of the VRB cryptocurrency bank as early as July of this year. By September next year, the five core ecosystems of VRB will be launched and taken online. In October of the same year, we will see VRT digital assets, launched by the VRB cryptocurrency bank, connect the conversion of physical and virtual assets. A brand-new “contract-based” business ecosystem will soon take shape.


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