New Blockchain Messenger, Nestree: the Game Changer Appeared

Nestree successfully launched its dApp and users are now joining the communities in the messenger

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Blockchain–New interactive communities in messengers are exploding in popularity across the world. Group chats are extremely accessible and easy to create, allowing participants to communicate in real time. Facebook Messenger has more than 2.5 million new group conversations every day, and Telegram Messenger has millions of group conversations with more than 30,000 people.

However, attracting new members and maintaining a group chat is difficult for community admins because of the passive nature of participants. Moreover, the business model of currently existing messengers is traditional. Advertisers must be sought out externally and community members do not get any rewards for their participations.

An advanced community messenger, Nestree, was developed to solve the above problems. By utilizing blockchain technology, the new decentralized application (dApp) offers new types of interactive and rewarding activities between users, admins, and advertisers.

The main feature, ‘Invitation Rewards’, is to provide rewards to the members who invite others to the community. It resulted in a rapid increase in members of communities. Within 24 hours of the application launching, Nestree gathered around 3,000 initial users and thousands of users are now voluntarily inviting other friends to join various communities.

An interactive community with tens of thousands of people gathered for a specific topic is an attractive place for marketing. Advertisers easily search their target groups and efficiently post ads in the platform.

Thus, as a content provider, the admin without a clear business model can instantly make money from the group chat simply by gathering people, just like how millions of Youtubers earn money. The participants can also make profits by viewing ads in the communities.

Apart from the various rewards and innovative business model, another notable thing about Nestree is the decentralized cryptocurrency wallet it provides. Every user can freely store, send, and trade various Crypto Coins and Tokens. Smart Contract is implemented to the Nestree wallet, allowing users to trade without risking a P2P transaction failure.

The Nestree Messenger is available now on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore. With rapidly user growth, it is expected to bring new vitality to the blockchain market. If you are curious about the actual working dApp, it is the best time to use Nestree.

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