Anova Food Recognizes MDPI and Indonesian Partners following Successful Blockchain Technology Program Implementation

Leading tuna company honored local partners with luncheon in Jakarta, Indonesia this month

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anova Food, LLC., North America’s leading sushi-quality tuna company, hosted a special recognition luncheon this month to celebrate and honor the company’s partners who have contributed to the successful execution of its blockchain technology project in partnership with SAP. Anova announced the partnership with SAP earlier this year as part of a commitment to continue to innovate and improve upon seafood traceability as more and more consumers demand to know their food is safe and sustainably sourced. With SAP’s blockchain technology, consumers can now access the complete origin and history of Natural Blue® by Anova yellowfin tuna simply by using their smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package.

The luncheon took place on Tues., June 18 in Jakarta, Indonesia with members from key partners in attendance, including local non-governmental organization (NGO), Masyarakat Dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI), processing partner, Harta Samudra, and Anova Indonesia, along with community members from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and a number of international NGOs. During the luncheon, James Veale, Vice President of Agri Solutions with SAP Asia Pacific Japan, also presented several SAP Innovation Awards to each partner following the successful launch of Anova’s recent blockchain technology program.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our partners and suppliers who have helped bring Anova on the blockchain this year,” said Blane Olson, Managing Director of Anova Technical Services. “With the addition of our new blockchain technology program, we’re able to easily access and share powerful information about the fish-to-market journey with customers and consumers, while ensuring that fish is caught from clean ocean waters by fishermen who operate under Fair Trade standards, which are certified by MDPI and Fair Trade USA to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.”

MDPI, which translates to Association for Communities and Fisheries of Indonesia, has been an instrumental partner for Anova in the implementation of its blockchain technology program. Since its establishment in 2013, MDPI has worked directly with fishing communities to implement socioeconomic and environmental improvements, including fisheries management, Fair Trade certification and modernization of supply chain operations. Anova has been an industry partner and continuous donor, among others, supporting a range of programs and activities from vessel registration to Fair Trade implementation. Moreover, Anova has also supported MDPI with forming partnerships with industry processors and distributors, as well as fishing communities in order to implement projects like the recent blockchain technology program.

“It has been a rewarding experience working with the Anova team to implement this powerful blockchain technology,” says Saut Tampubolon, Interim Executive Director of MDPI. “We pride ourselves in our work to ensure that each fish is fresh and has been sourced fairly, and we’re thrilled that this impactful information is now available for customers who are seeking out sustainable seafood products.”

Natural Blue® by Anova fair-trade certified ahi tuna steaks can be found in 12 oz. bags at retailers nationwide, including Albertsons, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper and Safeway. To learn more about Anova’s blockchain technology, view a project video or visit

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Anova Food, LLC, is a leading sushi quality tuna company in America. Due to its focus on quality and sustainability, Anova is the preferred brand for many restaurant chains, food retailers, distributors, and value added processors.

Anova Food, LLC has been a leader with their corporate commitment to social and environmental responsibility to ensure a healthy supply of fish for future generations. Its ‘Fishing and Living’ program promotes sustainable fisheries and enhanced conditions for fishing communities. Anova is engaged in active and credible fishery improvement projects (FIPs) with the ultimate goal of achieving MSC certification for its key tuna supply fisheries. For more information, visit


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