UCK Network Global Roadshow Kicked off at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UCK Network started the global roadshow on June 13th at the
TEAMZ Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur. It has attracted more than 2,000
guests including government officials, banks, frontline capitals,
exchanges, media and consulting firms from multiple countries and
regions. The founder & CEO of UCK Network, Moses Ma, and Co-founder, Leo
Hu, was invited to introduce the UCK Network project.

At the summit, Leo Hu particularly introduced how UCK Network obtains a
massive number of users on its popular application and based on that UCK
has built a prosperous blockchain ecology. The introduction was highly
recognized by the guests.

The development of Blockchain industry has drawn significant attention
of many, making it a trend to joining in. However, regular people still
facing a lot of limitations to participate in.

In mining, the entry threshold is too high due to high costs of the
traditional mining method and not user-friendly mining software. In
trading, the large number of currencies and exchanges cause
inconveniences to for regular investors. In DAPP which carries the
launching of Blockchain applications is also having unfriendly interface
and lack of distribution channels. In addition, the private key which is
supposed to ensure user accounts’ security is cumbersome to use and
store, besides, once it was missing, the digital assets could never be
recovered. All these problems become the obstacles for regular people to
participate in the Blockchain and therefore hinder the development of
the whole industry.

Hence, Leo Hu pointed out that it’s essential to build smart
infrastructure to break these barriers of the Blockchain world.

The greatest advantages of the UCK Miner are easy access with low costs.
Users are able to use without programming and hardware knowledge. The
UCK miner can be simply operated by using personal computer and its
multi-digging technology allows users to obtain stable earnings easily
from optimal mining.

The UCK miner has also equipped with a multi-functional wallet so users
are able to carry out OTC transactions in various currencies and switch
accounts between exchanges. This has greatly reduced the complexity of
cross-exchange investment management. Moreover, UCK has built a DAPP
store that allows users to download and purchase DAPP.

After the Malaysia roadshow, UCK network will have roadshows in multiple
cities bringing this new technology to the world.


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