EPIC Announces EPIC Digital Coins Will Provide a Hedge Against Depreciation of National Currencies, It Is to Become a Private Company, and It Affirms Its Voluntary Exchange Offer

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) (“EPIC” or “Company”) and Ronald S.
Tucker announced that “EPIC Digital Dollars, the EPIC Monetary System’s
crypto, will provide a hedge against national currencies; EPIC is to
become a private company by affecting a reverse stock split of 1 share
of common stock for 40 shares of common stock issued and outstanding as
of July 8, 2019; and EPIC affirms its fourth voluntary exchange offer to
shareholders of common stock, held in street name, for shares of EPIC’s
Series A 5% Convertible Preferred Stock on a basis of one share of
common stock for one share of Preferred Stock. The exchange date is to
be on or before June 18, 2019. The minimum number of shares of common to
be exchanged is 1,000 shares and the maximum number of shares is 20,000.”

Private Company

The Board of Directors believes that in order for EPIC to raise the
capital required to finance the establishment of the EPIC Monetary
System it is necessary for EPIC to become a private company whose common
stock is traded by shareholders and potential shareholders, but not as a
typical penny stock non-reporting public company. To accomplish this
transition, the Board believes it is necessary to effect a reverse stock
split resulting in 1 share of common stock for 40 shares of common stock
issued and outstanding on July 8, 2019. Therefore,
it is important that long term investors in EPIC’s traded common stock
accept the exchange offer to protect their investment in the short term
by notifying your broker/dealer.

EPIC Monetary System

The EPIC Monetary System (“EMS”) being developed by EPIC is the first
time a cryptocurrency will be supported by precious metals.

The EPIC Monetary System (“EMS”) is the conversion of precious metals by
EPIC Monetary Association, a non-profit beneficial corporation (“EMA”)
into a virtual or digital money system called EPIC Digital Dollars
(“EDD”) which provides a hedge against currency depreciation. The value
of EDDs will increase as the national currency depreciates in buying

Capital Requirements

EPIC, in order to raise sufficient capital to purchase gold and silver,
provided limited funding as loans to EDD Members secured by a limited
amount of EDDs. The loans are to allow the EDD Members to purchase
smaller amounts of goods and services without transferring any of their

EPIC Monetary System

The EPIC Monetary System is a disruptive, effective and usable virtual
money system that combines its digital currency with American Eagle
Silver and Gold Coins and other precious metals to form EPIC Digital


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